Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive Santa Fe security solutions designed to help you neutralize potential threats, both external and internal. A local New Mexico company for over 30 years, we can design and implement a state-of-the-art Santa Fe security system to help you achieve your surveillance goals.

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How Security Cameras Make a Difference for Your SF, NM Business

Santa Fe security cameraSecurity cameras have numerous benefits for commercial businesses, including:

  • Monitoring of employee activity
  • Identifying the average flow of people at your business
  • Evidence, if an intrusion occurs
  • Remote surveillance

Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. has the professional resources to outfit any size or type of business with an effective security camera system. We design, install, and maintain all makes and models.

ICSS, Inc. serves New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Eastern Arizona.
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Santa Fe Wireless Security Cameras

Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. uses the latest technology to help you obtain crystal clear images of your facility. Our cameras use IP megapixel technology and have a full range of capabilities, including:

  • Digital zoom
  • 360 degree views
  • Dewarping
  • Live and playback images
  • Clear images in low light and no light
  • Security integration

Live, dependable feeds can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or on any computer that has access to the internet. Our video analytics team can also perform data recovery in the event of a crisis. If your cameras are integrated with security solutions from Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc., we can provide verification to the police, which can potentially change the priority of a police call.

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