Peace of mind comes from knowing that your business, employees and investments are safe at all times. With a business security system that includes cameras from Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc., you can ensure their protection, even when you cannot be there.

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Our Albuquerque Security Camera Systems

Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. uses the latest technology to provide the highest level of camera security at your Albuquerque business. When you outfit your business, you get crystal clear surveillance with a full range of capabilities, including:Albuquerque security cameras

  • Digital zoom
  • IP megapixel technology
  • SD and PG chips (data recovery)
  • 360 degree views
  • De warping
  • Low light and no light security cameras
  • Facial recognition
  • And more

With over 30 years of service to Albuquerque businesses, Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. can effectively design and implement a security camera system that meets your unique needs and budget. Our feeds are dependable and offer remote accessibility.

ICSS, Inc. serves New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Eastern Arizona.
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Why Security Cameras Work

Visible video camera security systems work because they deter criminal behavior. Since employees and visitors know that they are being monitored through video surveillance, they will be less inclined to take the risk of breaking company policy or burglarizing your property. And if the sight of the video camera security system does not deter the theft or other type of property damage, you have live feed of the inappropriate behavior or criminal act. The recording from your Albuquerque business security surveillance systems can be used in court as evidence.

Albuquerque Wireless Security Camera Integration

Use your security cameras to detect a threat with Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc.. Our video analytics professionals can integrate your wireless security cameras to trigger an alarm response for missing objects, motion detection, trip wires, and more. With the largest AES network in the state, Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. can effectively identify and respond to potential threats without wires. That means that you always have security – even when there’s no power.

Remotely Monitor Your Albuquerque Business Security System

With a video camera security system for your small or large business from Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc., you can see who is in a restricted area or what your employees are doing without having to leave your home or office at any time. Contact Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. in Albuquerque to set up security camera monitoring for your business today.