Protecting your business from internal and external intrusions is necessary to maintaining success. Ensure your company is protected with a video security system from Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc.

Integrated Video Security SystemsTemporary Video Surveillance

Video security can be used to record and monitor any area of your business, inside and outside. Our integrated video security systems can produce a ‘live feed’ so you can monitor your business dealings remotely, if you wish.

Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. has trained video analytics professionals that can integrate your video security system to trigger an alarm response using motion detection, electronic trip wires, image detection, and more.  Our company has the largest AES network in New Mexico. Using this encrypted wireless long-range technology, our AES network effectively allows us to respond to potential threats quickly – even when the power is out.

On-Site Video Security Solutions

Our video security systems are customized to provide consistent protection for your company. We offer:

  • Advanced camera options, including Pan-to-Zoom (PTZ), infrared, illuminated, domes, bullet and covert and combinations
  • Remote access of live or recorded feeds to observe progress and activity on the job site
  • 360° of viewable area
  • Time indexed footage with encryption
  • Hundreds of camera configurations available
  • Covert and visible camera models to suit your security strategy

Temporary Video Surveillance

With several pricing and payment options, clients may purchase, lease or rent a standard or custom configured system. Systems can be leased or rented by the year, quarter, month or week.

We also provide mobile video security solutions for clients requiring portable or temporary solutions. Our Mobile One Video Trailer (MOVT) units provide 360°, 24/7 monitoring of unattended or busy areas, such as construction sites and public events. This temporary video surveillance unit is perfect for events and other activities where something permanent isn’t needed. Optional features include on-board AES IntelliNet, proximity alarms and numerous protection devices for increased security.

At Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc., we are dedicated to helping keep your business and commercial property safe. Our video surveillance features a crystal clear image with live and recorded feeds that are dependable. With over 35 years of service to the Albuquerque business community, you can depend on our technicians to design and implement a security system that meets your needs.

Protect your Livelihood with a Video Security System

When you have a video security system installed at your business in Albuquerque, NM, you can monitor everything from who is entering the building to what is happening behind the register. Contact Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. in Albuquerque today to learn more about setting up a security camera monitoring system for your business.

To learn more about our professional business video security systems, call 505-888-2954 in Albuquerque, NM today.